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Are you a non-boring, adventurous, night owl?  Because if you are, #Jensomnia is the place for you.

What on earth is #Jensomnia? Well, it’s a kick-ass Twitter party where I stay up late night with all of my favorite people, which will hopefully include you!  I dare my Twitter friends to do some pretty ridiculous stuff in hopes of us all looking foolish and then I pick winners and pass out prizes like I’m Santa, baby!

The next #Jensomnia is coming soon! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you you get all of the insider tips. So, clear your schedules and put your party pants on because I want to see you at my next #Jensomnia party!

*DISCLAIMER: By participating in #Jensomnia, you agree to any pictures you submit on Twitter to potentially be displayed on

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