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Do you feel like there are certain times in your life — or even in your day — when you just lack motivation? Whether it’s while working out, completing an assignment or cleaning the house, we all have those times when all we want to do is flop across our beds and stare out the window. Or maybe you’d prefer to grab a snack, get under the covers and watch Lifetime all day? Either way, I don’t judge because I’m victim to the same thing every now and again. While I know how important these lazy days, hours or minutes can be for our mental happiness, sometimes all we need is the correct weapons in our arsenal in order to trudge on and get the job done. Here are a few ways I get my own motivation back:

• Take your vitamins. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 — you name it, you need it! Once you’re in a solid daily routine of taking vitamins, I promise you’ll notice that your unmotivated slumps will become few and far between.

• Drink a ton more water than you normally would. Our bodies are made up of primarily water and most of us don’t get the proper water intake. Start pounding glass after glass and not only will you look more energized, you’ll feel it, too.

• Get some sunshine. I know this isn’t easy for some of us during certain times of year, but when you can take advantage of a little sunshine on your face and fresh oxygen in your lungs, the extra Vitamin D boost will do you wonders.

• Just start. Begin whatever it is you need to get done. It’s always the effort to get where you need to go or start what you need to start that’s the most daunting. Plant your butt in the chair in front of your computer or put on your running shoes — or whatever it is you need to do — to start the process. … Just do it. Once the ball is rolling, you’re golden. Remind yourself how good it will feel when you’re done with what you needed to accomplish and off you can go.

What are some motivating tips you have that I can add to my list?

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