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It doesn’t matter how hectic your day gets, it’s still important to find a way to work out and be healthy. I know I’m guilty of wanting to stay curled under the covers instead of getting my butt to the gym, but look at it another way: Being healthy doesn’t just mean dieting and working out — there are simpler and easier ways to keep on top of it that you might not even realize. Here are a few to try even on those crazy, on-the-go kind of days:

• Never leave the house without a water bottle. Staying hydrated is the best way to look and feel healthy.

• If you can take the extra 10 minutes to walk somewhere instead of drive, do it! Simple, everyday activities like grocery shopping, cleaning or walking your dog all keep your blood pumping.

• While you’re sitting at work or in a car, flex your muscles. Whether you’re doing leg lifts or a full-on body-builder pose, every little bit counts.

• Do all of your regular activities at a slightly faster pace and you’ll burn calories in half the time.

• On lazy days, pop in a movie — but instead of lying on the couch while you watch it, spread out a yoga mat and do a little downward facing dog — it’s a win-win!

What are some ways you make sure you stay healthy even in the midst of a crazy schedule?

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