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A couple months ago, I posted this graphic on social media and it seemed to really resonate with all of you as much as it did for me. For those that are still searching for their special purpose, I know you will relate and appreciate it just as much as I do.


There’s definitely a certain truth to the idea of when you stop searching and putting too much value into expectations and just live your life, this is when you’ll find your purpose. Stop searching and live in the now. Enjoy, appreciate and cherish today, this very moment. By living your life to the fullest, you’ll realize that while your purpose might be hidden by the expectations of the people around you, or by social ideals, it is within you whether you are aware or not.

So, enjoy what today has to offer, smile at a stranger, step outside your comfort zone in a good way and I have a feeling that when this becomes a routine, you will be that much closer to the elusive purpose we strive to achieve!

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