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It’s safe to say that winter is officially here — welcome back static cling, goosebumps and dry skin! Even though the winter means the holidays are here and I can finally pull those sexy boots back out of the closet, these brisk days definitely make me miss the summer. Here are some of my winter must-haves to make the countdown to spring a little easier:

• Make sure you have drawers full of warm, comfy pants. After spending the day in a cute-but-still-cold winter outfit, coming home and changing into comfy pants is a must.

• Stock your cabinets with hot drinks. Drinking hot chocolate or hot tea before bed on a cold night is the perfect way to wind down.

• Lotion, lotion and more lotion. Dry, itchy skin is the worst — it’s practically lethal in the winter.

• If this winter is going to be anything like last year’s, make sure you have shovels, salt and sleds. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for an unexpected snow day. If you can find someone strong to help with all the shoveling, even better!

What are some ways you get through these cold winter days?

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