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Have you hit that point in the holiday shopping season yet where you have half of your list crossed off but the other half stares back at you just as blankly as you stare at it? You know what I’m talking about, the family and friends that you never know what to buy, so you end up buying them a gift card to some major retailer and end up drowning your guilt from your uncreative gift giving in spiked eggnog all season long. Look, we’ve all been there and not one single one of us wants to pop out of our jeans thanks to a billion calorie beverage that’s only good when you add too much rum to it.

In an effort to make our holiday shopping a little more efficient, I have put together my first annual Ultimate Gift Guide! I have hand-picked 8 companies that I think can fulfill on even the toughest of gift recipients!



This holiday, solve every beauty junkie’s frustration with luxury beauty tools by ADROIT Beauty™.

ADROIT Beauty created a stylish and ingenious solution to beauty’s messier side, by inventing the Adroit Pretty Pod to keep the ADROIT Beauty Luxury make-up brush clean, ending the make-up dirt and grime cycle often growing with dirty make-up tools. Dust skin flawlessly with the lush ADROIT Beauty Luxury Make-up Brush, made with bristles of the highest grade hand-cut ZGF hair. A dense double-domed head ensures excellent pick-up of powder cosmetics for a smooth application.

After application, clean up those treasured make-up tools with the gentle ADROIT Beauty Pretty Potion. The luxury concentrated cleanser is specifically formulated to deep clean and beautifully condition brushes with natural hair used for powder cosmetics.

Any ideas who I want to gift this to? Loving the idea of the protective cover for the brushes and the cleaning kit that these makeup brushes come with! Perfect for any makeup junkie you have on your list AND perfect as a maybe a little reward gift for yourself? Better yet, they’re offering all of you 10% off when you use the code JENNY1010 at checkout and the deal runs through December 31st! Visit Adroit Beauty on Amazon.
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Deluxe Set High Res Final April 28 2015



Pranamat ECO all-natural massage mat increases tissue metabolic pressures, your rate of blood microcirculation, the secretion of beta—endorphins, and growth factors. It also works to reduce muscle or joint inflammation; plus its superb design incorporates traditional acupressure principles to help stimulate mind and spiritual growth, as it significantly revitalizes your body. Pranamat’s signature lotus pattern individually treats each of the body’s meridian points.

Ok, forget my list, I need one of these immediately. When you head to Pranamat’s website, you’ll find more information like how this mat is great for insomnia. I think we all know I could use any help I can get in this department, so in additition to getting a few of these for people on my list, I am getting myself one. Brilliant. Even better? They’re offering 15% off right now!
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Grillbot is the world’s first automatic grill cleaning robot! With the push of one button, this handy little robot does all of the dirty work for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your food while Grillbot cleans up the mess! Grillbot works on both hot and cold surfaces and has an LCD timer with 10, 20, and 30 minute settings for you to choose from. Available in different colors.

Ok. This little robot had me at ‘does your dirty work for you.’ How many times have you wanted to spark up your grill but it was dirty and you just didn’t want to clean it so you went and picked burgers from some greasy burger joint? Love that you can pop this guy on your grill before you cook, too! Forget those gross hard wire brushes and buy the Grillbot for all of those grill enthusiasts on your list! The best part is they’re offering all of you 20% off when you use JENNY99 at checkout! Love the useful yet fun products like this one.
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You put on a little Tanceuticals lotion at night and 6-8 hours later you wake up with a gorgeous, natural-looking tan that doesn’t wash off.  And you never spend a second in the sun or a tanning bed!  

The secret is an all-natural tanning ingredient called DHA (dihydroxyacetone).  You see, this ingredient interacts with the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin.  This reaction actually gives those cells a beautiful bronze color.

It’s completely safe and lasts until all those dead skin cells are eventually sloughed off– about 5-7 days.

It’s winter. We all want to be tan. Done, done, and done. Besides, Tanceuticals is my favorite self tanner right now, and a great way to keep a safe glow throughout winter.  It produces a dark, natural tan and smells freaking awesome! It’s been my go to, so this is the perfect gift for those of you who like to stay tan all year round (and who doesn’t?). Our friends at Tanceuticals is also offering my readers 15% off of their purchase when you use code JENNY15 at checkout.
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Giordano’s Famous Stuffed Pizza is a great gift to send your loved ones during the holiday. The delicious stuffed pizzas ship nationwide (even in heart shape!) to any of your favorite pizza-lovers. You can order for the holidays by 12/21 to ensure a Christmas delivery. “Stuff” some stockings with my favorite stuffed pizza at

You guys? I send this to everyone. Seriously, the best gift idea, especially for the people on your Christmas list that may not have a Giordano’s nearby. Trust me when I tell you this is a perfect gift for your out of town family members!
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Take Home. I got stuffed in Chi


Ro*Sham*Bo Baby

Pediatric optometrists are warning that lifetime UV damage starts in early childhood, with retinal damage from the sun having its greatest impact in kids less than 10 years old.  Parents can protect those delicate eyes with the coolest Italian-made baby and children’s sunglasses by family owned and operated ro•sham•bo baby.

I can’t handle all of the cuteness that these polarized sunglasses are bringing along with eye safety for our kiddos! Grab a few pairs for your kids and matching sunglasses for yourself with free shipping using code: happyholidays
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ro sham bo baby 2


Emi Jay, Inc

One of Oprah’s Favorite Things! Our nightshirts are made of 50% cotton and 50% modal and are oversized. We manufacture in Los Angeles with fabric that is woven in Los Angeles, a fact we are very proud of. We give 20% of our profits every year to charity, we currently have a 5 year commitment with Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Give me a break. These are the greatest nightshirts ever and I have a few of my BFFs in mind that I want to gift them to! Just can’t decide which one I like the best, so I’ll probably end up getting all three designs. Use code: OPRAH for 20% off at checkout.
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Cate & Chloe

Ok, you’ve heard me talk about the Cate & Chloe jewelry subscription box where I was able to pick my two favorite pieces of jewelry for you. And guess what? The nice people at Cate & Chloe have extended the availability to purchase my #JennyBox this month! For every box purchased 10% goes back to Generation Rescue. Head to Cate & Chloe to grab a box for a friend (or yourself).
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Combined CandC

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