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OK, it’s freezing out there. I mean really, really stinkin’ cold right now. Winter has finally decided to show up this year. While our main priority is trying to keep our eyeballs from freezing and falling out of our heads, some of us are still thinking about fashion and how we can manage to make our winter-wear not make us look like Randy from “A Christmas Story.”


Your scarf is key here. Most of us have dark or fairly drab-colored coats, so get creative with this accessory. Go bright, maybe floral or geometric, and let it stand out a bit. The least your bright scarf will do is emulate the awesome colors of spring and summer. Side note: Just think — in six months, we will all start bitching about how hot it is.

More than likely when you’re outdoors, your mouth is covered, but if it’s not, be sure to have some color on your lips. Get a flattering color in a matte lipstick to put the color back in your lips. While blue may be flattering for your eyes, it’s not for your lips, and these temperatures are doing what they can to keep our pouts a deathly shade of blue.

Splurge on a functional yet fashionable pair of gloves. Find a style you love that’s equally as comfortable as they are cute. I have a pair I love so much that I’d wear them naked in a sauna if I could.

Of course, I have my giant bag stuffed full of supplies to combat this Polar Vortex:

  • Hair spray
  • Chapstick
  • Eye drops
  • Spicy gum (makes me hot)
  • Husband

What are some of your tips that help you to look your best during these freezing temps?

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