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In my book Stirring The Pot, I list the four essential things that every girl should carry in her purse. Other than the obvious items such as a wallet, keys and lipstick, I added that every girl should carry earbuds, hard candies, chopsticks and emergency feminine products.

It was easy to come up with things that I should have on me at all times, but it made me wonder what a man’s essential items would be if men carried purses. Sure, chopsticks are a little random and may sound weird to some, but imagine what we’d find in a man’s purse – or, as I like to call it, a murse.

I asked a few men what necessities would be in their murses — here are some of the responses I was given:

• Gum. Good thinking. No one likes to talk to — let alone kiss — someone with stank breath.

• Toothpicks. I’m assuming this is to be used in place of dental floss?

• A multi-purpose pocketknife. Obviously, men need to feel like they can fix anything and everything at any given time.

• Minecraft. I think we all know who gave this answer.

What items do you think the guys left off this list — and what random-but-necessary items do you carry in your own purse?

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