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When you find yourself caught up in someone else’s life drama, you are no doubt in the wrong kind of business. It’s strictly their business and belongs to them. As my blogs continue to be put out into the blogging world, I will always give credit to the wise teachers who taught me to become conscious enough to see my foibles and teach me how to evolve. Many times you’ve heard me mention Byron Katie. Again, she taught me yet another valuable life lesson: to mind my own business. This has been an incredibly hard one for me to master so I thought I would share with you, so you can maybe figure out how to do it in your own life.

Getting involved in other people’s drama is obviously the easiest way for us not to deal with our own business and when we get caught up in other people’s lives we often end up missing our own. For some reason, when a friend or family member has an issue, a crisis or drama, I tend to immerse myself into their lives, their drama, their karma, their happiness, their sadness and work so much to help them I find that I may be avoiding what’s happening in my own life.

When I woke up from this pattern I was shocked to look back at how much energy I had given out because I was in someone else’s business. Then I had a thought: What if I stayed out of other people’s business and put that energy into my own life – how much more would I accomplish? How much more love could I give to my own family? How much more love would I be able to give myself? I felt like when I plugged my energetic cords into other people’s drama I was pausing my own spiritual growth and I certainly don’t want to delay that. So, anytime I found myself overly concerned in drama that didn’t belong to me, I immediately stopped, surrounded myself with light, sent some to them, and then observed what was going on instead of becoming a player.

The best way to become awake to this pattern is to watch your friends and relatives who are constantly caught up in one particular person’s issues. You can witness the emotion and energy they have invested in a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with them. This is how I have learned this lesson best, because when you don’t have an emotional connection to it, it’s much easier to see. Once you find yourself upset or distraught about someone else’s business, then you just fallen down that rabbit hole and I can only hope you wake up, unplug and mind your own business.

People really can manage their own karma even if they appear to be a hot mess, so stop casting yourself in their drama and become a star in your own life.

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