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Whether it’s a boyfriend, best friend or family member, being away from someone you love can be difficult. Luckily, with new technology, there are so many ways for long-distance relationships to survive. It may not always be easy but, with a little effort, a long-distance love can be as successful as one without the miles of separation.

One word: text. Text often and about everything. Consistently texting and communicating with each other makes it almost as if your loved one is there with you. Actually, I’ve found that I connect on a deeper level through text sometimes, because I’m more willing to let someone in on a funny or embarrassing situation via text than I would be if we were face-to-face.

Send snail mail. Emails and social media can be great, but sometimes cards and “just because” flowers add a more personal touch. Who doesn’t get excited to open the mailbox and see a hand-addressed letter waiting there?

Plan visits. I know it can be difficult with busy schedules, but try to plan a weekend getaway as often as you can. Not only will it feel amazing to be together again, but it will also give you something to look forward to on the days you’re really missing each other.

Skype or Facetime. Sometimes talking on the phone just doesn’t cut it — and being able to see people’s reactions while you’re talking is the next best thing to being with them. (Just remember that the embarrassing story you texted earlier might get brought up on your Skype call!)

Keep a planner. Celebrating important events like birthdays and anniversaries with loved ones even when they’re not nearby shows you’re putting in effort to keep your relationship a priority.

What are some ways you maintain the long-distance relationships in your life?

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