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We’ve all had those ridiculous moments when we wonder how on Earth we made it through a day and appear to be functioning as if we’ve held it all together. You know, those moments when you’re undressing after a long day and out falls a pile of graham cracker crumbs or you find a melted chunk of chocolate stuck on your skin. Sometimes your boobs are just full of surprises that you never knew existed!

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I never know what I’ll find in my bra. A melted M&M — good for me! That’s one less that made it into my mouth. A crumpled dollar bill — who doesn’t love finding money? The lost Lego piece that Evan was looking for — “Mom of the Year” award for finding it for him! If anything, the treasures that I find in my clothes before I crawl into bed are just signs that I had a successful, fun day. But they also make me wonder what the heck was in my teeth and hair throughout that same fun-filled day.

I know I’m not alone with this one. What are some of the most random things you’ve found stashed in your bra or clothes at the end of the day?

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