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I wrote this a few years back for Father’s Day and these ideas are still great gift options for dad! Hope you find this list of ideas helpful!

We all know it’s Father’s Day, right?  (And for those of you who didn’t, here is your heads up!) It’s a little late, but better than never, to be thinking about gifts — but, other than the go-to “World’s #1 Dad” coffee mugs and multicolored cartoon ties, it can be tough to come up with a great idea for dear ol’ pops.

Even though we’re down to the wire on shopping for dad, here are a couple of last-minute ideas that every dad is guaranteed to love:

• For the “Techy Dad”: Get him an Apple TV or sign him up for a Netflix subscription. When it comes to technology, you can’t go wrong with those items if he doesn’t already have them. If you’re on a tight budget, a new iPhone or iPad case wouldn’t disappoint.

• For the “Classic Dad”: How about a nice watch or new pair of loafers? Whether it’s a brand name or from Target, you can find some really cool-looking accessories that dad would be proud to wear every day.

• For the “Sporty Dad”: If your dad is into golf, buy him a round at his favorite course. If he’s into football, get him a new player jersey so he’s prepared for the upcoming season. When all else fails, any sports-loving dad would love a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store.

• For the “Grilling Dad”: Do you have a dad who loves cooking and will use every chance he has to fire up the grill? Get him a new grilling accessories kit. Maybe even throw in a corny apron because, odds are, since you’re the one who bought it for him, he’ll actually wear it.

• For the “Good-Time Dad”: If you have a dad who you think needs a break from reality and a fun night out, whether it’s with his buddies or with you, buy him tickets to a show or concert or a voucher for a casino.

What are some other great Father’s Day gift ideas that you recommend?

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